• For over 30 years we have worked alongside our clients, handling every phase of the buying and selling of real-estate properties, from the first contact to the contractual and notary procedures that conclude transactions.
  • We carry out focussed searches throughout the country, on any type of property, allowing you to continue your normal operations while we work for you, and then we present you with a range of properties whose features meet your expectations.
  • Painstaking, professional assessments are performed to accurately establish the value of your property; together we decide on the strategy to follow, based on analyses and marketing plans customised to meet your needs.
I servizi - Antonini Fiduciaria Immobiliare
  • We place professional photographic presentations and exclusive advertising packages on the main real-estate websites.
  • The registration and zoning status of each property is attentively evaluated; we provide assistance with technical issues and questions of urban-planning, as well as legal affairs, taxes and notary services, resolving whatever problems arise in the course of negotiations.
  • We place your property on a worldwide network that reaches the leading professionals in the field.
I servizi - Antonini Fiduciaria Immobiliare